19 Jun 2017

Eye Eye Captain Musical

Posted on Monday, June 19, 2017


Eye Eye Captain

Congratulations Bethania Lutheran School students on the hugely successful production of ‘Eye Eye Captain’, written by our very own, Principal, Mrs Catherine Eyers.

The students who are currently in years 5 & 6 took to the stage on June 8 for their first performance. Performing in a musical is not an easy task, but it can be a life altering experience as most of our students had never set foot onto a stage.

Laughter came from the audience from the very first minute till the very end. A story of 3 pirate crews came to life as they told the story of how the mighty Captain Golden Eye gets his golden eye back. Students certainly owned their characters, adding a little extra pizazz.

Every good story needs a twist, and boy this did not disappoint!!

We received endless reviews and comments saying how professional the show was and how energetic and fantastic the cast was.

Our 2017 cast were blown away with a surprise visit by a few original members of the 2009 cast, sharing some advice like ‘enjoy’, ‘this is a wonderful experience’, plus a few more encouraging comments.

‘I am so proud of this amazing cast! They have worked so hard and the final product was incredible. Thank you for bringing ‘Eye Eye Captain’ to life’. Mrs Eyers continues to say,

‘The amazing personal & artistic growth each and everyone has undergone in the past few months has impressed me to no end.’ Catherine also explains that she is so grateful to the brilliant crew, who helped to bring this musical to life with painting and constructing sets, costuming making, choreography and the list continues.

It was an amazing production! Personally I am so grateful that I could be a part of this experience. Watching the students grow, and become confident within themselves makes me so happy, what more could you ask for!

Looking forward to the next musical experience.

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Editorial: Kelly Layet

Photo courtesy of: Simon Woolnough