Bethania Lutheran School is set on 30 acres of bushland and benefits from a tranquil and leafy setting.

Our fully air-conditioned facilities include large learning spaces, specialist teaching areas, a gym, a large undercover sporting arena, undercover outdoor learning facilities, library, and expertly designed outdoor play equipment.

We’ve purposefully created innovative, physical, virtual and cultural learning spaces, designed to meet the ever changing needs of contemporary learners.

Contemporary Agile Learning Spaces

Facilitating movement, collaborative learning and access to digital technologies, has been a guiding factor in how each classroom is designed. By using standing desks, movable soft furnishings, adjustable tables, fit balls and stools, as well as a range of writeable surfaces, we have developed learning spaces that are flexible and engaging. All spaces are owned by the whole class, allowing for movement around the room, promoting the concept of collaborative learning. Our learning spaces include a place for “campfires”, “caves” and “watering holes”, enabling students to participate in whole and small group discussions, as well as providing the opportunity to retreat for independent learning.

Virtual Learning

BLS embraces the needs of contemporary learners by developing a strong connection with virtual environments. Our take home iPad program delivers 1:1 iPads to all students from Years 3 to 6, and classroom sets of iPads enable the sharing of one device between two students in classes from Prep to Year 2. This program allows for the delivery of digital content, both in the classroom and at home.  

Apple TVs are available in every learning space, to facilitate collaboration with devices.

Laptops are utilised across the school, extending students’ skills beyond a tablet level.

Cultural Learning

Classrooms at Bethania Lutheran School are not just rooms where learning takes place; they are spaces where students and teacher join together as a community of learners in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Boasting state of the art equipment taking our HPE and coaching programs to a new level. Students will participate in programs which incorporate technology, science, biomechanics and goal setting.

Providing this gym for our students is in line with our philosophy of contemporary agile learning spaces throughout the school where students are not confined to traditional desks and chairs but are encouraged to move as they participate in learning activities. Simple biology supports the link between movement and learning with oxygen being essential for brain function. Movement increases blood flow providing our brains with oxygen which in turn increase our students’ ability to learn and remember what they have learnt.

Evidence shows that exercise and movement have a significant positive impact upon the brain and its continued development. Research has also found that exercise improves classroom behaviour, social/emotional wellbeing and academic performance.


With overflowing shelves of books, not an E book to be seen. Agile Learning Spaces with flexible furniture allow students to learn and work together.

‘Happy Day’ booths line the wall of the library each boasting an Apple T.V where students can send their work straight from their Ipads to the T.V for the ease of collaboration with their peers.

The Billabong

The Billabong is a learning space where students & teachers can meet to collaborate and use the large writeable wall for their ideas and thought process.

This room is also used for our Coding & Robotics lessons.

With the ever changing world of technology Coding and Robotics was introduced to our students, superseding ICT from previous years, whilst still aligning with the Australian Curriculum.

Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps & websites and is not only great fun to learn but is an essential life & workplace skill for the adults of the future, who are working in our learning spaces right now. Our students are using their understanding of coding for the programming of a range of robotics equipment including Bee Bots, Sphero+ and Edison Robots.

In weekly Coding & Robotics lessons our specialist Teachers, students from Prep to Year 6 will be using physical and digital tools to dive into computational thinking, developing skills in critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.


Every week our students are involved in music lessons as a class in our specialised music room.

We also offer Instrumental lessons (individual or group) these lessons take place in the music studio, consisting of a performance stage and specialised sound equipment.

This program has been designed to help students to develop a love of music and enhance their level of educational achievement and provide lasting life skills through combining with others in performance.