Christian Studies

Christian studies underpins the ethos of our school and all other key learning areas. 

Christian studies introduces children to the world of religion and spirituality, which are integral components of all cultures. At Bethania Lutheran School we acknowledge that all people are on a lifelong journey of faith and we must value open dialogue, sensitivity to the beliefs of others, interdependence and collaboration with other students, individual reflection, respect for each person’s uniqueness and recognition that growth and transformation take time. We present to students a Christian worldview and a pathway for making meaning in their lives. Christian Studies provides an avenue for the Holy Spirit to grow faith and where all faith responses are encouraged, nurtured and expressed. This occurs in safe and supportive class environments with the freedom for children to have their own views in a diverse community of differing backgrounds and experiences.

The Christian Studies classroom is a learning environment in which students can explore a range of religious and non-religious perspectives they encounter in an increasingly pluralistic Australian society. Knowledge of other people’s belief systems and analysis of the complex interplay of factors that contribute to an individual worldview enrich students’ ability to make sense of the world, determine the source of their own beliefs and values and understand the role religion plays in society. A collaborative learning environment acknowledges and respects that students have diverse backgrounds, needs and interests. 

Students are mentored:

  • to become articulate, empathic and discerning members of their communities
  • to listen to and identify the issues underlying discussion
  • to enter into open, respectful dialogue with people whose religious, philosophical, ethical views are different
  • to present an informed, well-defended personal position