Outdoor Education

Outdoor education at Bethania Lutheran School is a living example of the school’s values and is an important part of a student’s learning experience. 

In its simplest form outdoor education focuses on three areas: 

  • Respect – developing respect for the environment, God’s world.
  • Identity - a journey of personal discovery and growth
  • Care - caring for and working co-operatively with others.

Encouraging students to step out of what is known and familiar and taking controlled risks is seen as central to the success of outdoor education.

The outdoor education program provides quality sequential, age appropriate experiences that are interesting, fun and challenging. The program aims to: better equip students to overcome limiting and negative mind sets, expose students to the great diversity and beauty of God’s world, encourage students to work cooperatively with others, help students know their peers better and encourage students to develop inner strength, character and resolve.

The program is a carefully considered sequential progression from year 3 who have a one day one night experience through to year 7 who tour to Sydney, the snow and Canberra for 6 days.