Sport and Physical Education

Whether for fun, fitness or serious competition students at Bethania Lutheran School participate in physical education and sport programs.

All students from prep to Yr. 6 participate in a physical education lesson each week taken by a specialist PE teacher. During these lessons the knowledge, skills and attitudes students need to lead healthy, active lives are nurtured and developed. The sequential PE program fosters a positive attitude towards participation in physical activities and provides an avenue for students to experience a broad range of sporting activities. Students are always encouraged to participate in a spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation. Prep students have an extra weekly PE session to further develop their gross motor skills. Swimming lessons are also conducted on a weekly basis for years 3 to 6 in term 4.

A highlight on the school calendar is the annual swimming carnival (yrs. 3 to 6), athletics carnival (P-6) and cross country carnival (P-6). These carnivals are wonderful community events encouraging participation, good competition and fantastic house spirit. Students who excel in these sports are selected to represent the school in district, regional and Lutheran competitions.

Every student upon entry to our school is put into one of three sporting houses – Balun, Keeira or Ngirum. There is strong, good natured competition between the three with the House Cup being awarded to the house with the most points accumulated across the year in a wide range of activities. Contributing to the House Cup point score is Battle of the Houses which is run every term for years 4 to 6. Each term students may choose between two new sports. Professional coaches teach the students on a weekly basis the skills needed to play the game and a round robin competition with a grand final finishing off the term. The grand finals have become a whole school spectacle with students enthusiastically supporting their house.

The school also has a gym where older students can develop personalised fitness programs in consultation with the PE/Sport teacher. A running club for students from yrs. 3 to 6 is run before and after school in terms 2 and 3.