Behaviour Management

Education is as much about building character as it is about developing skills, knowledge and a thirst for learning. At Bethania Lutheran school we take an active role in developing strength of character though encouraging:

  • respect – of self and all others.
  • identity – a personal journey to discover the ‘unique’ you God created.
  • care – to show care for other people both in their own community and globally.

The school's intentional focus on social/emotional learning helps students build character through programs such as You Can Do It and Play is the Way. These programs help students to have the courage to keep on going when things get tough and the resilience to bounce back when things go wrong.

At Bethania Lutheran School we also believe that restorative practices play an important role in character development. Students accept responsibility for their actions, repair the problem or hurt they have caused and then move on with a commitment to behave differently. Circle time and round table discussions are used throughout the school to support restorative practice.

We Believe:

  • All students have the right to:
  • a positive educational environment that creates the maximum opportunity to learn.
  • work and play in a safe, secure, friendly environment.
  • be treated with respect and courtesy
  • be valued as an individual. 
  • know what is acceptable behaviour and the consequences for unacceptable behaviour.

All students are responsible for:

  • allowing others to learn.
  • being punctual and organised.
  • behaving in a way that protects the safety and well being of others. 
  • caring for school property and the environment.
  • being courteous, co-operative and friendly to all members of the school community.
  • being truthful and honest
  • being responsible for their own actions and accepting the consequences of their behaviour

In support of these ‘Student’s Rights and Responsibilities’ it is expected that parents and guardians will:

  • support the school in its efforts to meet the educational needs of their child.
  • support the school in its implementation of expectations, rewards and consequences.
  • encourage their children to be responsible for their own actions and accept the consequences for unacceptable behaviour (both at school and home).
  • encourage their children to ‘do their best’.
  • model appropriate behaviours.

In support of these ‘Student’s Rights and Responsibilities’ it is expected that staff will:

  • implement the rewards program and the consequences for inappropriate behaviour fairly, firmly and consistently.
  • deliver a curriculum that is relevant to individual needs.
  • regularly reinforce and clarify school expectations, consequences, rights and responsibilities.
  • model appropriate behaviours
  • create a positive educational environment that maximizes the opportunities for all students to learn.