Bethania Lutheran School has three houses chosen for their special significance to our local area and the traditional owners of the land our school occupies; the Gugingin Clan of the Yugambeh languagegroup.

Ngirum, meaning 'wattle' is common to the area and this house group wears yellow.

Balun, meaning 'river/water' pays tribute the rivers which run through our area; the Albert and Logan Rivers. The students in this house wear blue.

Keeira, meaning 'cockatoo' wear white to symbolise our noisy white flying friend common to our grounds.

Students are placed into one of our three houses at enrolment and wear their house colours with pride at our sporting events. Students earn house points not just at sporting events but also at lunchtime games, school competitions, and as rewards for excellent behaviour. Our students are passionate about their house team and this is yet another way that we build community spirit at Bethania Lutheran School.