Student Welfare Worker

The school has a student welfare worker who is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.

The student welfare worker works alongside class teachers and the Deputy Principal in providing pastoral care to students at Bethania Lutheran School. The student welfare worker is available to students who are struggling with a wide range of issues. Students may themselves seek help or be referred by a teacher or parent. All involvement with the student welfare worker is on a voluntary basis. Parents wishing to refer their children are asked to contact the school and ask to be directed to either the Deputy Principal or the student welfare worker
The service provided under this program links closely with the school social/emotional learning programs. The student welfare worker develops programs which are closely related to student needs either as individuals or in groups e.g. girl’s book club, gardening club.

In the real world there are many children experiencing difficult situations where hope seems hard to find. At Bethania Lutheran School we take the pastoral care of students very seriously. All teachers are responsible for the pastoral care of students in their class. We encourage and foster close communication between school and home so teachers can assist and support students in need. The school also has a Deputy Principal who is responsible for overseeing the pastoral care of all students.

Our student welfare worker is available for individual students who are referred by either parents or their class teacher. These students are quite often involved in projects with the student welfare worker. These projects help the student have time away from their problems and also gives them a sense of purpose and normality.