Parent Life @ Bethania

"We chose Bethania for our kids, not only do they get a great education and learning experience, Bethania gives them the best environment to start off, such a positive, enjoyable, caring journey to kick off these important and many school years ahead. Our children want to go to school everyday, they are taught beautiful values and the staff are all amazing. Bethania is like an extended  family for our children, it's a great community."  Mrs Campbell

"We came to Bethania Lutheran because of its amazing reputation. It sure lived up to it! The students at Bethania show so much respect and kindness to each other. That’s the type of school I want my kids attending. The staff are also wonderful, so put that together and you can’t go wrong."  Mrs Bostock

"I have wonderful and fond memories of growing up as part of Bethania’s beautiful and supportive schooling community and that’s exactly why I chose it for my children as an adult. It may be 30 years since my time as a student- but I can honestly say that the school community is as welcoming and warm as ever. I love that Bethania educates and nurtures my children as individuals in a values strong environment."  Mrs Singh

"My husband attended as a student and really enjoyed his experience, so when it was time to choose a school for our children, it was a no brainer. The high level of love and support our children receive is invaluable and greatly appreciated."  Mrs McConnell

"We came to Bethania after the amazing experience at the Bethania Kindergarten and Jnr Kindy and the integration they had with the school and Chapel. OSHC is also on site. Small school with a community feel and teachers that are happy to be there so it was an easy choice for primary school after the great foundations set by the kindy."  Mrs Corlett

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