The majority of students entering Bethania Lutheran School do so at Prep level. Children entering Prep need to have turned four before the 30th June in the year prior to commencing although in 2014 Government Regulations did allow for Early Prep Entry.  This involves children who turn 5 by July 31st of their Prep year.  Eligibility for Early Entry will be determined by the Principal, considering aptitude, social and emotional competence, physical development and level of knowledge and understanding.

Parents wishing to enrol their child/ren should complete the “Application for Enrolment" form with a non-refundable application fee of $50.00 per student. In the year prior to the child attending Prep, an enrolment procedure of screening, interview and orientation will be conducted. 

For enrolment in classes 1-6, the "Application for Enrolment" form, school reports, birth certificate and immunization record must be submitted. An interview with our Principal will be held after which an Offer of Enrolment will be extended. At times, the school receives more applications than positions available. When this occurs, preference is firstly given to active members of the Bethania Lutheran Congregation and then to those whose brother(s) or sister(s) attend Bethania Lutheran School or Bethania Lutheran Kindy.

Other students are accepted in the order in which applications are received. Parents are encouraged to apply for enrolment for their children well before the date of admission.

For an offer of enrolment to be accepted, parents are asked to submit the signed  ‘Acceptance of Offer of Enrolment’ form and the “Enrolment Contract”.  An Enrolment Bond of $200 per child is payable on the submission of these forms. This secures the enrolment position.  The bond will not be refunded if the child does not commence at Bethania Lutheran School. The bond will be refunded when the child leaves the school  provided no outstanding monies are owed and appropriate notice is given.

In accepting the offer parents are asked to:

  • Co-operate with the School in matters of school policy.
  • Pay the School’s fees at the rate applicable within two weeks of the commencement of each term or at such other time as the school may indicate.
  • Give a term’s notice in writing before removing a student from the school or pay a term’s fees in lieu.

For more information contact the school on 07 3200 5363.