Growth Mindset

No two children learn and develop in the same way, or at the same speed. As they grow, children begin to compare themselves to others around them. Unfortunately, they also often start to see themselves as being “good” or bad” at a particular skill or subject. Our Growth Mindset program teaches children that learning and intelligence is flexible, not rigid. In other words, hard work and the right attitude can overcome difficulties and achieve goals and our abilities and futures are not fixed. Students with a growth mindset view learning and personal improvement as more important than outperforming others or ‘looking smart’. They see mistakes as an opportunity to improve. Students with a growth mindset also embrace challenges by viewing them as energising and motivating. Conversely, students with a ‘fixed mindset’ hold a belief that intelligence is innate and static; they see mistakes and challenges as a threat to their self-worth; they see effort as a sign of low ability that can potentially make them look ‘dumb’ if they perform poorly. With these limiting and restrictive beliefs about intelligence and effort, there is little room for growth. Not surprisingly, research repeatedly shows that students with a growth mindset, tend to do better at school, enjoy school more, participate more frequently in class, and have more positive aspirations for their future. Just as importantly, students with a growth mindset tend to learn from their mistakes rather than being paralysed or derailed by them.

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