Contemporary Learning @ Bethania

Monday, 19 Jul 2021

At Bethania Lutheran School, we celebrate different learning styles and encourage and support our students to make decisions about how, why and where they learn best. Our classrooms have been redesigned as agile learning spaces, allowing students to make use of a range of equipment to ensure that they are learning in a comfortable and relevant way. Facilitating the movement of oxygen-rich blood to the brain has also been a guiding factor in how each classroom is now used.

The education of children today is a very different picture. Students are surrounded by information, where at the click of a button they can find hundreds of answers to questions they may have or many versions of facts they are seeking. This, however does not make them successful learners. The teacher’s role today is to work alongside students, to guide, engage and empower them in the learning process in order to help them become lifelong learners. Students are very much at the centre of this process at Bethania Lutheran School and we acknowledge that all students have different needs and strengths.  Changing the space in which students learn from a traditional, 100 year old model to a modern space which supports the learning needs of all our students has been a priority for our school.

Classrooms at Bethania Lutheran School are not just rooms where learning takes place; they are spaces where students and teacher join together as a community of learners in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Inspiring a love of learning for life.

Inspired Learning for Life

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