Outdoor Education

Children greatly benefit developmentally from being outdoors. Outdoor education and play support emotional, behavioural and intellectual development. Studies have shown that students who learn outdoors develop: a sense of self, independence, confidence, creativity, decision-making and problem-solving skills, empathy towards others, motor skills, self-discipline and initiative. 

From Bush Kindy experiences in our beautiful bush campus, to Nature Play and Loose Parts play in the junior years, our students are actively encouraged to explore, manipulate and create with the world around them.  Many classes spend time in outdoor settings, from verandas to large covered courtyards to shady grassy clearings beside the oval, teachers find creative ways to use natural resources to bring real life connection to learning about and in nature.

The Outdoor Education Program at Bethania Lutheran School in the senior years aims to provide students with valuable educational and interpersonal skills outside everyday school life and responsible interaction with the environment.  Through challenges in different situations from those normally experienced, physical capabilities will be tested and developed within a safe, supportive and encouraging framework whilst fostering independence, self-esteem, communication skills, responsibility for self and others and adding value to classroom learning. Through interaction in different situations from those normally experienced, social skills such as co-operation, consideration and courtesy will also be further developed. A carefully developed sequence of camps begins with a one-night experience on site at school in Year 3 and concludes with a 6 day tour of Sydney/Canberra/Snowfields in Year 6.  Each experience and dedicated class time ensure students are well prepared for each new challenge.

The current features for each camp are:

·       Year 3: Excursion to Paradise Country followed by overnight sleepover at school

·       Year 4: 3 Day/2 nights camp within a beach setting.

·       Year 5: 3 Day/2 nights camp within a bush setting. 

·       Year 6: 6 Day/5 nights experience in Sydney, Canberra and Jindabyne 

This experience combines a historical and political themed educational tour to Sydney and Canberra with 2 days skiing.  This popular and memorable experience for our Year 6 students, many of whom recall it to us years later, sees the most development of personal growth and independence




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