In The STEAM Lab children are assisted to cultivate a love of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics. The students learn about these subject areas in an integrated approach, meaning these subject areas are taught together rather than in isolation.

 In Prep, students start by learning the fundamentals of using an iPad. They then try their hand at photography and learn how to record videos. Later the students are introduced to the basics of coding and robotics through song, games, simple programmable robots and apps on the iPad.  As the year progresses the Prep students take part in other hands-on projects in the STEAM Lab with a goal to further enhance topics already being learnt with their classroom teachers.

 Around the school some of the other STEAM Lab projects students in older grades have been participating in include; designing flatpack furniture using the Engineering Design Process; fashioning costumes and programming Dot & Dash robots to participate in Robot Fashion Week; learning about recycling, sustainability and reusing items in our classroom Makespace to create a new product; designing travel websites; creating technologies to solve problems using Lego robotics; learning about simple machines in order to create a Rube Goldberg machine; producing stop motion animations; participating in online coding courses; and constructing chariots to race our Sphero Sprk+ robots. 

 In all learning that we undertake in the STEAM Lab, the most important aspect of this specialist lesson is that we are preparing your little learners to use contemporary learning skills, such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. Our hope is that your children will use these skills beyond the classroom and into their future work life.

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