Our Approach to Student Care

Successful Students

At Bethania Lutheran School we value the development of the whole learner. We aim to teach our students the skills that they need to be functioning, caring, valuable, contributing members of their community. We nurture our students as individual, unique creations of God and aim to develop not just academic goals but social/emotional development also.

At Bethania Lutheran School we wish for all our students to experience success. We believe students are successful when they display resilience, self-confidence, are socially active, and have a positive approach to life and learning.

Students embody resilience by:

  • being willing to take risks, being adaptable, overcoming difficulty, being persistent and growing/learning from difficult situations.

Students embody self confidence by:

  • having a positive sense of self worth, giving their best, being an independent learner, being a resourceful problem solver, being a confident contributor, being happy in themselves, having self control, having good communication skills and being passionate.

Students who are socially active:

  • have a caring heart, are responsible, are respectful, are keen to develop positive relationships, are inclusive, are community minded, contribute, are accepting/tolerant, have empathy, are honest and are interdependent.

Students who have a positive approach to life and learning are:

  • self motivated, self regulating, organised, curious/inquisitive, questioning and challenging, creative thinkers/imaginative, lifelong learners, striving to achieve and realistic goal setters who reflect and seek support