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Ways to get involved!
We welcome parent and caregiver volunteers to join our Bethania Lutheran Community. There are many ways to get involved, from helping in the classroom, Parents and Friends Association events, to accompanying students on school excursions.

All volunteers must complete the Valuing Safe Communities (VSC) training and be verified by our school prior to assisting. VSC is compulsory training for all people who work or volunteer within Lutheran schools. A current Blue Card must also be sighted for anyone who is not a parent of an enrolled student. This means that grandparents and other extended family are required to show their Blue Card.

VSC integrates a range of national policies, procedures and guidelines that impact on relationships in Lutheran schools and seek to ensure that each member of the school community enjoys a positive, safe, healthy and respectful workplace.

VSC Training

Quick Guide: How to create an account

Once completed please send your certificate to bethania@bethania.qld.edu.au

Volunteer Check-In
Organised volunteers/visitors must sign-in at the office using the ‘Check-in’ service. For safety measures, visitors must always display their identification sticker while on school property. Upon leaving, volunteers are required to sign-out at the office.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office on 07 3200 5363 or email the school on bethania@bethania.qld.edu.au

Parents and Friends Association
The P&F Association at Bethania make a huge contribution to our community through various fun community events that they organise each year such as movie nights, welcome BBQs, and social events. P&F is certainly an enjoyable and satisfying way to be an active part of our Bethania Lutheran School community.

Danica is our P&F President. Danica has two children who currently attend Bethania Lutheran. When she is not teaching a class of her own at a local state school, she is either working in one of our classrooms as a parent helper or organising one of our amazing events for our students and families. We are extremely grateful for everything Danica does for us at Bethania Lutheran School.

P&F Association contact details: pfa@bethania.qld.edu.au or for further information about the Parents and Friends Association, please click here.

We look forward to having you involved!

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