Tuition Fees

2023 Fee Schedule
Tuition Fees
Annual Fee
Term Fee
Weekly Fee*
First child
Second child (15% discount)
Third child (30% discount)
Subsequent children (100% discount)

*  based on direct debit arrangement over 45 weeks. Direct debit arrangements can be made on a weekly (45 payments), fortnightly (23 payments) or a monthly basis.

Fee payments must be received in full by the due date in January to attract the 10% discount (on the tuition fee only). Part payments are not an option for annual billing.

What Does the Tuition Fee Include?

This inclusive fee covers the cost for activities when the whole school or a complete class is involved, eg:

  • All books and stationery, art/craft supplies 
  • Classroom music curriculum
  • Normal swimming instruction (pool entrance and swimming instructors) Years 2 - 5
  • Arts Council performances
  • Local excursions (bus fare and entrance fees) 
  • Student Personal Accident Insurance when the student is engaged in school activities

What Does the Tuition Fee Not Include?

  • Camps
  • Elective programs such as after school extension activities and instrumental music lessons
  • Bus fares for the school bus
  • Fees associated with specialised learning support assessments

Sibling & LORDS Discount:

  • The sibling discount structure will include siblings attending LORDS. However, if there are three or more students at LORDS and one student at Bethania, your child will receive of 50% discount instead of 100%.
Other Fees
Application Fee (non-refundable)
$55.00 per student
Enrolment Fee
$200.00 per student (If your enrolment is not completed then your deposit will be forfeited. The Enrolment deposit will be refunded when the student leaves the school provided no outstanding monies are owed and appropriate notice is given)
Capital Levy
$130.00 per student
P&F Levy
$124.00 per family
ICT Levies
$60.00 per student Prep - Year 2
$130.00 per student Year 3 - 6
Payment Options
Credit Card - Mastercard or Visa over the phone or via website (
Direct Debit - weekly, fortnightly or monthly from your nominated bank account
Parent Lounge

Should parents experience difficulty with these fees, they should feel free to discuss the matter with the Principal or the Business Manager.

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