Teacher Life @ Bethania

They love the kids, love connecting with them.  

Our Teachers were born to teach.

A day in the life of a Teacher here @ Bethania

8am – Meet with all staff for a daily Devotion to talk with God and connect on a spiritual level with my colleagues.

8:25am – Join with my collaborative teaching team to welcome our students to a new day of deep learning.

8:30am – Facilitate a class Devotion with my students to connect as a group and begin our morning with God.

8:45am – Inspire my students to think deeply through explicit teaching of key concepts in a campfire space with a range of hands-on manipulatives and rich technology.


  • Encourage my learners to make choices about how, why and where they learn best using a range of flexible equipment and furniture, as they complete individual or collaborative work in cave or watering hole spaces.
  • Extend and support my learners through individualised guru sessions, where I tailor the learning to suit their specific needs.
  • Provide opportunities for my students to develop contemporary skills as they learn to collaborate, think creatively and demonstrate resilience and flexibility in complex and unfamiliar situations.
  • Allow students to provide kind, helpful and specific feedback to their peers on their learning for the session
  • Engage students in a simple “Exit Ticket” activity where they can easily show me areas that they may need to explore in greater detail in the next lesson.

10:30am – Explore an outdoor nature play space with our students during a Morning Tea playground duty.

10:50am – Participate in collaborative planning with my teaching partner to design high quality learning experiences for our students whilst they explore specialist lessons with highly trained specialist teachers.

12:25pm – Problem-solve, share creative ideas and celebrate successes with my colleagues as we discuss quality teaching practices over lunch together in the staffroom.


Continue to challenge my learners to think deeply and creatively during rich learning opportunities, using the Australian Curriculum and the Christian Studies Curriculum Framework.

Provide feedback to a student following their presentation of learning to a real audience, which empowers them with the lifelong skill of public presentation.


  • Dismiss my students, some of whom will now attend extra-curricular activities such as LEGO Robotics workshops in the Library.
  • Spend time communicating with a parent to answer a question that they have about their child’s learning.

3:20pm – Participate in a professional learning Shark Tank with my dedicated colleagues, as we pitch an idea for an upcoming Project Based Learning experience for our students. Receive and provide professional feedback with my peers as we strive for excellence and best practice as a teaching team.


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