Student Leadership

Our student leadership program begins in Year 4 with our “Student Ambassadors”. Students are selected when ready to begin training in public speaking skills in order to assist school leaders to welcome prospective parents on tours and open days. This process develops personal confidence and public speaking skills until the students are able to stand and speak to a large group of adults and confidently talk about the school from a student’s perspective.

Year 5 students are the driving force behind our main fundraising drive. Through the Australia Lutheran World Service, we have raised over $20,000 in recent years to provide a water well and a pre-school in a remote Cambodian village, as well as vital supplies for the Kakuma refugee camp.

By Year 6 the students are ready for both formal and informal student leadership positions. By nature of their age, Year 6 students are the leaders of our school and are given responsibilities, accordingly, leading the junior students in Sports Carnivals and other cross age activities both in and out of the classroom. The school captain positions, and Student Council members are chosen through a rigorous application process beginning at the end of Year 5. These young leaders provide ongoing support for staff, initiatives for fundraising and fun events for the student body throughout the school year.


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