Philosophy of Learning

We believe that every student is a unique individual created by God with their own special gifts, strengths and needs. In order for students to build their own positive image of themselves as learners and contributors to their communities they are provided with relevant, purposeful and appropriate learning experiences. These learning experiences are structured and presented in a variety of ways with opportunities for both success and personal challenge. Students are encouraged to take ownership of and contribute direction to the learning experience. The school facilitates this learning by providing timely and purposeful feedback and learning environments which promote a positive atmosphere of trust and safe risk taking.

Christ-centred Learning

We proudly see ourselves as a Christ Centred School and this underpins our essence as we go about our daily work.  All students are introduced to Jesus and God from our Kindy and Prep classes, through to Year 6, through attendance at Chapels, class devotions and Christian studies lessons.  Daily devotions and weekly Christian Studies lessons introduces children to the world of Christian faith and its place, religion and spirituality, which are integral components of all cultures. We present to students a Christian worldview and a pathway for making meaning in their lives. Christian Studies provides an avenue for the Holy Spirit to grow faith and where all faith responses are encouraged, nurtured and expressed. This occurs in safe and supportive class environments with the freedom for children to have their own views in a diverse community of differing backgrounds and experiences.

All students take part, contribute and are a part of Chapel services, led by Pastor Peter Laihia- the Bethania Lutheran Chaplain, when each Friday morning our community gathers in the Bethania Lutheran Community Worship Centre located on our school grounds to worship together. Here we celebrate our community and the blessings we share through being part of the family of God. This very special time is attended by many of our parents and Bethania community friends. Our students take turns presenting the message of God's love and salvation through Christ. Join us on Friday mornings during term time at 8.45am. Blayz (Year 5-6) and TNT (Aged 13+) are the Bethania Lutheran Church Youth Groups and many of our student take part in the fun games and activities themed to a positive nature. This is also open for anyone, not only BLS students.

Growth Mindset

No two children learn and develop in the same way, or at the same speed. As they grow, children begin to compare themselves to others around them. Unfortunately, they also often start to see themselves as being “good” or bad” at a particular skill or subject. Our Growth Mindset program teaches children that learning and intelligence is flexible, not rigid. In other words, hard work and the right attitude can overcome difficulties and achieve goals and our abilities and futures are not fixed.

Students with a growth mindset view learning and personal improvement as more important than outperforming others or ‘looking smart’. They see mistakes as an opportunity to improve. Students with a growth mindset also embrace challenges by viewing them as energising and motivating.

Conversely, students with a ‘fixed mindset’ hold a belief that intelligence is innate and static; they see mistakes and challenges as a threat to their self-worth; they see effort as a sign of low ability that can potentially make them look ‘dumb’ if they perform poorly. With these limiting and restrictive beliefs about intelligence and effort, there is little room for growth.

Not surprisingly, research repeatedly shows that students with a growth mindset, tend to do better at school, enjoy school more, participate more frequently in class, and have more positive aspirations for their future. Just as importantly, students with a growth mindset tend to learn from their mistakes rather than being paralysed or derailed by them.

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